Pet Armor Reviews

Users of Pet Armor have had varying experiences with the product. Read what real customers have had to say:


bought this product about 2 weeks ago. dog is a maltese poodle mix and thus prone to allergic reactions. when the product was applied, no allergic reaction occurred. so far the product has been working adequately. an occassional flea will still be found. however, this also occurred with frontline plus. also, when the flea is is usually almost dead. so, the product is working as it should be. i still have 2 more vials to go through so a final judgement has yet to be made. frontline plus usually remains effective on my dog for 3 i am waiting to see if this one will last a full month or if i will have to re-dose early also.

have to wait and see

I just tried it on my dogs so I have to wait to see if it works better than Frontline Plus. It wasn't "half the price" as Frontline as advertized. I paid $25 online but it's $28 in the retail store. The Frontline is under $40 so it wasn't a 50% savings!

Good product at a good price.

This product is just as good as Frontline. I've used both and since the results are equal it only makes sense to buy the product that is less expensive. Pet Armor keeps my 4 Jack Russels free of fleas for the full month of the stated protection. I highly reccomend it!

Does not work

This product does not work. My dogs are still infested with fleas and I applied this product a week and a half ago. I took it to my vet to and they said it does not have the Insect Growth Regulator, which Frontline and Advantage both have. That means it may kill adult fleas, which it doesn't seem like it even does that, but it will not kill the first 3 stages of the flea life cycle. We are still flea infested and my dogs will have to suffer another 2 weeks before I can apply Frontline.


It looks like this product is like other flea meds and it works for some and some it doesn't by the reviews here. Works great for my dog. Not a single flea on him all summer. Most other meds irritate his skin where you apply it and this one doesn't at all, very good product.

7 Dogs

I have 7 dogs all different sizes and fur types. It has been 2 weeks since their first application and they are all FLEA FREE. My husky DID take a few more days than my short haired dogs to completely be gone. That is why I waited on a review, I wanted to be sure it would work on him as nothing untill PetArmor has. I spent TONS of money on other Flea/Tick meds and NOTHING seemed to relieve him. I did not have to bathe them first which was a relief:) The only down side is it does NOT kill eggs so as they hatched the dogs were still a little itchy BUT as I said we are on 2 weeks now and everyone is happy and healthy :)

Not Frontline

Bought several boxes for both dog and cats. 21 days later, notice fleas on the dog when giving him his insulin shot. Check with vet and have to give dog a flea bath until the 30 days are up. Then give him the real thing. Researching product on internet came up with mixed reviews. Wish I had kept receipt so I could get my money back.


haven't seen as many fleas but have not treated yard yet. Hope that will get rid of the last of them

Just as good!

We have 4 dogs that stay in the house with us so flea and tick prevention is a must. We have always been Frontline users but thought we'd give this PetArmor a try and it works just the same as the Frontline. We've not noticed any difference at all. I would recommend this to anyone!